Driving Best Practice in Battery Recycling


Welcome to the website of EBRA, the European Battery Recycling Association.

Our mission is to develop the highest standards of professionalism in the battery recycling industry by promoting best practice in health, safety and environment and by preserving natural resources while respecting the European regulatory framework.

Our Members are involved in the collection, sorting, treatment and recycling of used or waste batteries, whatever the technology or category - portable, industrial or automotive.

The European Battery Directive has been transposed into national laws and is being implemented. This Directive includes challenging objectives in terms of collection rates and recycling efficiency.

This is a huge challenge for our young industry, as the battery landscape is continuously evolving : new battery technologies, emergence of new chemistries in the automotive battery recycling market and growing tonnage of battery and accumulators to be recycled as a result of ever increasing collection rates.

This website contains a wealth of information, and is intended to inform and assist all those involved with batteries (consumers, industries, public authorities,…). For our Members, there is also a dedicated area.

Because of the constant evolution of our profession, we wish to keep the content of this website as up to date as possible.

We wish you a fruitful and informative visit and recommend that you come back regularly to get the latest news!

Alain Vassart,
General Secretary